Vellore Institute of Technology

B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering • 2014 — 2018

  • CGPA - 9.59/10.00
  • Academic rank of 4 out of 219 students.
  • Teaching Assistant(TA) for Data Structures and algorithm.
  • Best project in the academic year for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.
  • Selected for Microsoft campus connect.
  • Member of the student council as student representative for Computer Science.
  • Conducted student seminar on cellular automata, computer networks and CUDA.



Deep Learning Engineer • Dec, 2018 — Present

Currently working as a Deep Learning Engineer at Intel in Healthcare AI.
Technical mentor for healthcare based startups under plugin accelerator program.
Working with Movidius Neural Computing Stick.
Previously contributed to projects related to connected homes, smart city, mobility and edge AI.
Exhibited the contributions to NCS and won best exhibit award for Intel at VLSID '18 and ES '18 conference.
Represented Intel at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum '18 & World Congress on Information Technology '18; IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Computing and Communication Technologies '18; Open Data Science Conference '18; Grace Hopper Celebration India '18; India Innovation Showcase; IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, Data and Analytics.

Stanford Scholar initiative

Contributer and Directly Responsible Individual • Feb, 2017 — Present

Initiative to make research accessible. Worked on the most influential papers from top conferences in AI. The role of DRI further includes the task of leading and managing the group along with contributing.


Data science intern • Jun, 2017 — Jul, 2017

Shipped features to introduce personalisation and target push notifications to increase CTR & reduce spam/ unsubscriptions. The task involved working with basic probability and statistics, various clustering and classification models, PyLDAvis, Sillhoutte analysis, basic data cleaning. Improved the skills on scalability, code conventions, pair programming.

Sales and Quotes

Machine learning independent contractor • Jan, 2017 — Mar, 2017

Ideated and worked on implementing analytics and machine learning algorithm to the R&D CRM product being developed.


Data science intern • Dec, 2016 — Jan, 2017

Built a model to predict machinery failures using bearing dataset. Applied deep learning on sound for BPO use case. Further, worked on Bosch dataset as per the requirement.


Software developer intern • Jun, 2016 — Jun, 2016

My team ideated a business simulation product and later developed a gamified version of the simulation product using Unity 3D. GUI was inspired from Sim City and back-end logic was framed as per the company's requirement for the product.

The Processing Foundation

Open source contribution • Dec, 2016 — Jan, 2017

Refracted the code base of and made the entire code base of sample examples error free.


Invited speaker

FOSSASIA Summit 2019

Will be speaking on Rethinking privacy in the age of AI using differential privacy for deep learning applications.

Invited speaker

DataHack Summit 2018

Spoke on the topic of Artificial Intelligence on the Edge.

Keynote session demonstration

AWS AI Conclave

Demonstrated the power of the Neural Compute Stick and OpenVINO toolkit for developing affordable AI at the network edge.

Research publication

Automated emergency paramedical response system

Research publication

PageRank Algorithm using Eigenvector Centrality- New Approach

Published an algorithm to improve the performance of PageRank algorithm in terms of time complexity.

Winner, Data Science 2017 hackathon

University of Texas, Dallas

Best project award for breast cancer detection and the most popular award for stock price movement prediction.

Academic rank holder

Vellore Institute of Technology

Academic rank of top 4/219 throughout the degree.

Best exhibit award for Intel

VLSID '18 and ES '18 conference

Exhibited the contributions made to the Neural Compute Stick.

Employee Recognition


Awarded for being Results Orientation. The value tags given in the recognition included- Execute flawlessly, set challenging and competitive goals, constructively confront and solve problems, assume responsibility, focus on output.

Winner, Big data hackathon

Microsoft and 3x3 Connect

The project was related to the prediction of flight delay.

Student performer award


Awarded for student achievement and contributions.

Most popular award

Make school academy

During the hackathon, created a user-friendly server management console panel.


Selected and invited to MIT Media Labs emerging world program, JP Morgan code for good, 1st ever Google Developer Days, India.



C, C++, Python, R, MATLAB, Web development

Libraries & Frameworks

sklearn, TensorFlow, numpy, OpenCV, etc


Machine learning, Deep learning, Edge AI, Data analytics, NLP, Graphs


Modified Dijkstra

Modified Dijkstras algorithm and ant colony optimisation to arrive at the destination in the shortest time possible. Working on integration with deep learning techniques in an attempt to create a complete automated transportation model.

Audio classifier

Developed a multi-class audio classifier on large dataset (>20GB) and further working on audio content analysis.

Deep learning in healthcare

Deep learning model to detect abnormalities in the brain using MRI and CT scans.

Predictive navigation

ML algorithm to predict vehicle trajectory and the estimation of fuel consumption and CO2 emission by the vehicles.

Airport maps

A simulated 3D guidance system starting from the entrance of the airport to the aircraft using Unity.

Universal vision

Working on the development of a device to help the visually impaired to read using edge AI and bone conduction.

Modified Game of Life

Variation of Conways game of life including gender and graph for better accuracy in prediction suited to human beings.

Centrality measures

Automated calculation of centrality measures for large graphs.

Caption removal

Automatic caption removal from images using OpenCV.

Sensor node

Sensor node to detect forest fires and transmit the information to the concerned authorities.

Forest growth simulation

Model to simulate the growth of forest from scratch using cellular automata and WebGL.